Aster x frikartii ‘Monch’ – This is probably the most universally popular variety of all the autumn flowering Michaelmas Daisies. Easy to grow in good soil and an open situation. Will flower for many weeks from August to October
Erica terminalis (Erica stricta)
Erica terminalis

Erica terminalis is a form of “Tree Heather” and can grow up to 90 cm or more in favourable conditions. The growth is stiffly erect. Flowers are produced over a long season from summer into autumn months. They fade to a warm brown colour and look attractive through the winter. Plants will tolerate alkaline soils and flourish in a sheltered, sunny situation. Sometimes known as the Corsican Heath, native to the western mediterranean. Not too easy to buy a plant nowadays; but, I found some at Bodnant.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’ – We grow lots of Hydrangeas and many are of the easy going paniculata group. All have the same formula of being fully deciduous shrubs with white coloured flower heads. There are plenty of variations in ultimate size and some have flowers with attractive cream or green colouring in the early stages. Many cultivars have flowers which age to pink or reddish shades, increasing an already long season of interest.
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Dart’s Little Dot‘ – This cultivar is comparatively short and compact. The flowering heads are less dense than usual. Their colour quickly turns from white to pink.
Crocosmia ‘Emily Mackenzie’ – My favourite large flowering cultivar. Seems to like where it is growing here and has stems well over 90 cm in height
Clematis rehderiana – A chinese species which grows vigorously and flourishes in a sunny place. AGM plant
Anisodontea ‘El Royo’ – A vigorous and tough member of the mallow family which has flowers during most months of the year.
Cosmidium phillipine – A dainty little annual for a sunny spot. Can be sown on site.
Aristotelia chilensis ‘Variegata’ – Growing here in a shaded and very dry situation. A very useful evergreen to lighten a dull corner in the garden.
Euonymus europaeus ‘Red Cascade’ – A strong growing “Spindle”, now producing masses of youngsters from its roots. Very reliable autumn colours early in the season, when growing in full sun.
Catalpa bignonoides ‘Aurea’ – This is pruned hard every spring. The result is a compact, bushy plant with tropical sized foliage.
Eurybia ‘Macho Blue’ – A modern hybrid in an Aster related genus, native to Northern America. This has proved to be a very robust plant reaching around 60 cms in height. It flowers from august to october with sturdy stems and does not get mildew. Could be a useful alternative if Aster amellus and A. x frikartii varieties will not grow for you.

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