Welcome to my website where I hope you will enjoy sharing  my   photographs of  Gardens, Plants, Landscapes and Churches. There will also be some blog posts, usually (not always) on a gardening topic. This is very much a learning curve for me. Please forgive the mistakes, waiting to be spotted and corrected. The menu above will take you through the site. Gardens also has a drop down menu.

My pathway to spending six decades as a gardener and nurseryman must have been predestined when I as born in a head gardener’s cottage, near Hereford. As soon as I was able to say “What is that” I was asking my father and his gardeners for the names of plants. Sadly, my kind mentors of the 1940’s and 1950’s are no longer here. But, the vast diversity of the plant world often leads me to put the same question to my wonderful group of gardening friends.

Paul at Trebah

Paul at Trebah

Photography has been my prime hobby since being entrusted with an old Kodak Brownie, when I was deemed old enough not to float it in the lily pond. Since then many film and digital cameras have recorded my images of all sorts of plants. My favourite was a twin lens Minolta Autocord. This  120 film camera is still with me and well capable of producing some stunning 6cm x 6cm shots. But, only when I get the exposure correct ! Now, I use a Pentax K30 and more lenses than I really need. However, several, such as a the 15mm and 20-40mm are great fun to work with. I am very fond of a little Sony a6000 and with a Zeiss 32mm lens mounted it  often deals well with tricky flower colours. I do not have any illusions about my skills as a photographer. When I look at the superb work of several friends who are professional garden photographers, the truth is obvious.

Lou Williams 2013

                                   Symphyotrichum novae-angliae ‘Lou Williams’


Most visitors who have made it this far probably know of my long association with Michaelmas Daisies. They are, also, called autumn flowering asters and are placed botanically into several genera including Aster, Symphyotrichum and Eurybia. Our family nursery and garden grow a Plant Heritage Collection of these colourful autumn flowers. For more information visit.

M. at Rosemoor copy.jpg

                                  Meriel with friends at the RHS Garden Rosemoor

R and H 3 5558.jpg

                          Helen and Ross with some gold medal michaelmas daisies

My daughter, Helen and her husband, Ross Barbour are in charge of the Picton Garden and Old Court Nurseries. My long suffering wife, Meriel, still does a lot of potting, packing orders and propagating. Helen and Ross have done and continue, to do tremendous work on renewing the layout of the garden and the planting schemes. The original garden was designed for the autumn months and now the other seasons are allowed to join in. The younger generation are fond of winter colour, bulbs, irises  and alpines as well as herbaceous plants, paeonias and some colourful tender plants. I suspect they could join me in the “plantaholics” group !

G. atkinsii Moccas

                                                       Galanthus atkinsii ‘Moccas’

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Some pages are mainly photo galleries. Clicking on one of the images will open a slide viewer. Below this is a box with details about the image and clicking where indicated will open a full screen view. I have a dreadful internet connection which only works at a reasonable speed on rare occasions. Opening a full image can take a little time when the connection is on go slow mode. I expect many other users suffer from the same problem.

NEW FOR 2019

THE GARDEN ON THE HILL a monthly pictorial blog of plants growing in my own garden.