The Picton Garden


from left to right above Percy Picton, Paul’s daughter Helen and her husband Ross Barbour, Meriel Picton and Paul on the far right

Four seasons in the Picton Garden


The main reason for the existance of this site is to share a few of my ever growing multitude of pictures with other people who enjoy growing plants and looking at gardens. Some of my other interests, such as landscapes and churches, will also be featured. The Garden on the Hill concentrates on plants growing in our windswept acres below the Worcestershire Beacon, with its compensatory views across Herefordshire to Hay Bluff. The Picton Garden is now cared for by Helen and Ross and continues to become more and more interesting for plant lovers, while still being home to the Plant Heritage Collection of Autumn Flowering Asters.

The Percy Picton Memorial Fund is a very small charity founded by the Wyche and Colwall Horticultural Society to help with training expenses for the next generation of professional gardeners.

Old Court Nurseries came into being in 1906 when Ernest Ballard established it as his trial grounds for his new hybrids of Michaelmas Daisies, also known as perennial asters or autumn flowering asters. Modern times botany now consigns most of them to a genus called Symphyotrichum which consists of Northern American species with smaller numbers in genera such as Eurybia. The genus of aster mostly consists of species growing in europe and asia.

The Picton Garden is part of Old Court Nurseries. It is named to commemorate Percy Picton and the large collection of plants he grew and produced for sale.

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Percy Picton and Ernest Ballard

end of the 2020 season

Pictures of some lovely autumn colour can be seen by going to The Picton Garden in the menu and choosing the page for The Last Day of our 2020 Season

A big thank you from all of us to everyone who booked in to visit the garden and nursery

view from our hillside garden in autumn’s softer light