Symphyotrichum novae-angliae


New England Asters

Most of the Symphyotrichum novae-angliae cultivars included on this page have been growing in the Picton Garden as part of  the Royal Horticultural Society trials. The purpose of the trials is to assess the cultivars in order to recognise the most garden worthy plants.

New England Asters, Sympyhotrichum novae-angliae, are easy to grow, long lived, hardy herbaceous perennials. Their flowering season runs from early September into mid to late October. The majority of cv’s will grow up to between 90cm and 135cm in height. A few are shorter and some can grow as tall as 180cm. All will grow best in an open, sunny situation in well cultivated soil.

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43. John Davis

John Davis  **

Barr's Purple

Barr’s Purple **

Mandies Choice cu

Mandies Choice  **

*Lachsglut copy

Lachsglut  **

*St. Michael's

St. Michael’s  **

St. Michael's cu

St. Michael’s  **

Badsey Pink

Badsey Pink  **

Mrs. Wright sept

Mrs. S. T. Wright  **

Quinton Menzies

Quinton Menzies  **

42. Barr's Violet

Barr’s Violet  **

James Ritchie 4

James Ritchie  **

James Ritchie cu

James Ritchie  **

Harrington's Pink

Harrington’s Pink  **

Miss E. K.Mash

Miss E. K. Mash  **

Andenken an Paul Gerber

Andenken an Paul Gerber  **

Mrs.S.W. Stern cu2

Mrs. S. W. Stern  **

Alex Deamon *

Alex Deamon

Helen Picton

Helen Picton

Lou Williams

Lou Williams

Foxy Emily*

Foxy Emily

Little Bella cu

Aanabelle de Chazal

Badsey Pink

Badsey Pink **



Dapper Tapper

Dapper Tapper

Herbstschnee cu1


Barr's Pink sept

Barr’s Pink

Andenken an Alma Potschke

Andenken an Alma Potschke



Beetle Nut


Sayer's Croft

Sayers Croft

Rosa Sieger 3

Rosa Sieger

Crimson Beauty*

Crimson Beauty




Purple Dome

Marina Wolkonsky cu



Red Cloud 23 oct

Red Cloud

Colwall Century cu

Colwall Century

John Dickinson

John Dickenson

Evensong cu


Brightness sept


Brunswick sept


Jon Baker sept

Jon Baker

Mabelle sept

Marina Wolkonsky